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The call of the creative arts

The CATHARTIC, Alumni Magazine, Faculity of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, 2012/2013

Irvine Eidelman (MBChB 1972) has worked for multinational pharmaceutical companies both in South Africa and abroad as Medical Director and Director of Clinical Research. He has also held office on the executive of various national societies of psychiatry in South Africa. Irvine now lives in Cape Town where he is in full time private psychiatric practice.

His interest in photography and wildlife imaging began early in his life. He and his wife Jennifer, also a UCT Graduate, and Subject Librarian at the Oppenheimer Library, are frequent visitors to the various conservation areas in South Africa and Namibia, in particular the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park (The Peace Park) which lies in the remote northern regions of South Africa.

It was after attending a course in Creative Writing at UCT Summer School that Irvine’s talents in writing and photography grew from ideas into publications, and he published his first collection of photographs, Cape To Kalahari, in 2006. ( His photographic interests extend to pictorial and architectural work and many of his images, depicting typical scenes of Cape Town, have been used in the Department of Radiation Oncology and the Department of Psychiatry at Groote Schuur Hospital.

For the 100 year Centenary of the UCT Faculty of Health Sciences, Irvine and Jennifer accepted the assignment to photograph the various buildings on various UCT campuses that formed part of the original and current UCT Faculty of Health Sciences.

Irvine has a keen interest in the history of World War 2 and is currently at work on his first novel, based on actual incidents in and around DDay 6th June 1944. Assisting people to reach their creative sides has spurred him on, together with his wife, Jennifer, to develop a digital photography teaching site Other projects have included in collaboration with author and creative writing teacher Professor Jenefer Shute of New York. Irvine’s constant desire is to blend the insights of a psychiatrist, photographer, and aspiring novelist via his various projects.

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