Learn Digital Photography - Tutorials in Cape Town. This is what you will learn hands on:

  • learn about focus, aperture, exposure, shutter speed, iso, depth of field
  • understand file types - RAW, jpg, tif,
  • how to read a histogram
  • taking crisp, sharp, digital images.
  • learn the art of composition.
  • understanding light.
  • which gear to buy
  • to have fun

Or to book a digital photography lesson please use our booking form or contact us.

Tuition is on a one to one or one to two basis.

Whether you are a complete novice or a polished photographer there is always something new to learn . . . and for me too.

The first half hour of your first tutorial in Cape Town is free. Terms and conditions apply. Contact me.

Tutorials are arranged to suit your need and at venues which offer superb opportunities for teaching including Kalk Bay, Kirstenbosch, Hout Bay or the famous Waterfront of Cape Town.

If you have your own favorite venue or if you have a particular place please let me know.

Rates vary from R490 to R650 per session depending on your needs or by mutual agreement.

An hour or two of "hands-on" tuition empowers you to understand your digital camera and the instruction manual in a short space of time.

Begin "clicking" with confidence right away.

One of the best ways to learn digital photography is by "hands on" tuition, being out there, taking images, learning as you go, and having fun at the same time.

Digital Photography - Creative Technology of now and the future

Setting up your gear correctly empowers you to to be ready to capture those images you have always wanted, like these cheetah cubs at a waterhole, just after they had fed. Eidelmanphoto invites you to learn digital photography and how to get creative with your digital camera and equipment.

Lions are sociable cats - but sometimes they face off - learn how to set yourself up to capture moments like this. A hands on eidelmanphoto.com tutorial of a few hours will prepare you to use your digital camera and lenses with more confidence and creativity.

A family of Elephants approach a waterhole at dusk in Etosha. In a situation like this, Eidelman-photo would have prepared you how to best position yourself, understand lighting, symmetry, and composition. Techniques learned with eidelmanphoto will unleash your creativity to spot and capture unique images like this family of elephants. Learn digital photography hands on with eidelmanphoto.com so that you are confident with your choice of camera settings and choice of lens.

A moment in time - a fisherman casts his line - learn how to be prepared to capture images like this.

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